Vivid Juice Company is a juicing business owned and operated by Stephanie Hewlett that provides juicing services to customers in and around the Richmond, Virginia area. As an avid juicer herself, Stephanie has become aware of the benefits of juicing to a person’s holistic health and mental well-being. Stephanie has a passion to share her knowledge and juices in an effort to improve health conditions for all. Vivid services those customers with an interest in a healthier option than other store bought alternatives. Vivid juices are solely comprised of fresh and all natural fruits and vegetables; there are no other additives or liquids, just the Earth’s own natural magic.

Deeper than juicing itself, Vivid Juice Company targets individuals searching for a holistic balance for their mind, body, and spirit. At Vivid Juice we believe CHEWING IS OVERRATED and we realize that many customers have a tendency to chew their feelings while navigating through life in general. We seek to unearth the reasons why unhealthy habits developed in an effort to prevent them from occurring again and provide holistic healing to nurture the mind, body, and spirit through juicing as well as connections with other holistic health business resources that will extend healing beyond the sale of the juice.

Stephanie strives to bring light to the lives of every customer she comes in contact with and does not find it an impossible task to heal the world through holistic health. She believes that relationships and connections through the community are the path to healing on a more macro level. Juicing changed her life for the better and it is her goal to use her experiences to touch the lives of others the same way.