Happy New Year!

This is the first juice I posted.😊 I woke up this morning reflecting on this Vivid journey. In just 6 months the growth and support has been nothing short of amazing! On this first day of 2016 I want to thank all of you who've decided to take this journey with me. None of it would be possible without Team Vivid juice! I'm eternally grateful for all of the support. Stay tuned for new developments in the world of Vivid as we embark on a new year. I promise it'll be something you won't want to miss!
Started feeling like I was coming down with something...my throat was bothering me, ears started aching, runny nose, sneezing...Officially woke up with a cold yesterday morning.😷 Rather than run to the store for meds I ran to the store for fruit and vegetables. Juiced carrots, apples, beets, and grapefruit. After just one drink I'm feeling almost 100% better.